Hi there! I’m Emma. Welcome to my blog!

This is a place for me to talk about all things bookish. On this blog you’ll find book reviews, book hauls, book recommendations, book tag posts, writing tips, and discussions on the craft of writing. I primarily read YA and general fiction, but have been known to dip into nonfiction, mystery/thrillers, and fantasy.

I have a degree in anthropology and used to work in a publishing office. I’ve also worked in a bookstore and have been a volunteer writer at The Martlet.

Currently, I run an online shop called The Moody Maiden and have other various part time jobs. I’d like to be able to run my shop as my full-time job though, so that I can travel and work remotely.

In addition to reading and buying books, I like to drink tea and eat cookies, go on walks with my doggie, play piano, and write–my dream goal is to be an author. I hope you find something useful on my blog and enjoy my book reviews ♡